Roy Hammans

For twenty-two years, Roy Hammans ran the Visual Communications unit at Merck Research Laboratories in the UK, providing graphic design for presentations and publications, still and video photography, web production and information architecture services, communication and presentation design support for a large community of scientists.

An early specialization in scientific photography at college, coupled with an underlying passion for the photographic image and all it can convey, led to a period as co-founder/director of a successful, publicly-funded photography and multimedia gallery in Cambridge, UK, during the 1980s whilst simultaneously working at the University of Cambridge as a scientific photographer and graphics specialist.

Following an early retirement from Merck, Roy has established art2science, a visual communications company offering to a wider audience the services previously only available to his in-house corporate clients.

Both an avid producer and consumer of visual material, he hopes to bring a transatlantic slant to the content here, with an emphasis on the visual imagery of communication and presentation.

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