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BusinessWeek Bring Us the Great Communicators

What good are ingenious ideas or a grand vision if you can’t convey their fabulousness to your audience? Take some pointers from these leaders. The following individuals were profiled in the book 10 Simple Secrets of the World’s Greatest Business Communicators, by Carmine Gallo.

BusinessWeek’s on-line slide show features contemporary business execs considered among the top speakers in Corporate America. These men and women have leveraged their powerful communications skills to build such companies as General Electric, Starbucks, and Apple.

Flickr Pickr

Occasionally, when you are designing a presentation or a web site, you need to get some ideas for likely visuals that could work with your color scheme. You could trawl through the photo libraries, looking for that particular combination of subject matter and hue, or you could use a neat little utility like Jim Bumgardner’s Colr Pickr.
Colr Pickr lets you select a color from a generated color wheel, adjust its brightness if you wish, and then goes off and selects photographic images of subjects that match the selected hue. It finds those photographs from a variety of Flickr group pools such as Color Fields, Macro, Flowers, etc, and returns a selection of them around the color wheel. Clicking the same colour again returns a new set, until it runs out of possible candidates.
This is a fun little tool to play with, but remember that just because it lets you find photographs it does not automatically mean that you can use them freely. All photos on Flickr are subject to copyright restrictions placed upon them by their owners. Sometimes these may be Creative Commons licences that allow you to use them in some ways, sometimes they are quite restrictive – always check before use.

Shea Tips

I’ve been a regular reader of Dave Shea’s, ever since I discovered him a year or so back through his ground-breaking ‘Zen Garden‘ work in the field of CSS .

This week he posts a well-considered article called ‘Speaking? Tips‘, about the lessons he’s learned through having to give numerous presentations on his work. The reader comments offer some added value as well.

Old for New

Now that digital imaging has all but replaced conventional photographic film in the mass market, I guess it’s time for nostalgia to kick in.

Seen today over at PDN Online is a review of a new piece of software from Alien Skin, called Exposure, that takes your pristine, pixel-perfect digital images and makes them look like grainy old film again.

Now I’m sure that this is a fun thing to play around with, particularly for those of us that cut our teeth on grainy silver-based images, but you can still buy film you know. So maybe it’s time to dig that old 35mm camera out of the attic and try putting a real reel through it. Then, instead of spending a few hours sat in a dimly-lit room in front of a monitor, just drop the exposed film off at the nearest photo-processing lab while you get outside into the fresh air and enjoy life for a while. When you collect, you can then spend those few hours scanning the resulting pictures into Photoshop to try to make them look like digital images…

Seen on the web 2006-02-06

UDPixel: Fix Stuck LCD Pixels
“This program helps to locate and fix LCD screens dead pixels. You can fix the stuck pixels by calling them to do rapid changes. You need to run this program for a couple of hours. There is no warranty on the result…”
(tags: LCD display free software technology tools)

memoria technica : The Best PowerPoint Slide. Ever.
Yet another outbreak of the “PowerPoint is evil” meme.
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Seen on the web 2006-01-23

Bye bye blackboard ….
“The result is an exhibition about science, art, celebrity and nostalgia. The blackboard is fast disappearing from meetings, classes and lectures: ‘bye-bye blackboard’.”
(tags: art blackboard presentations science technology)

PC World: Busting the Biggest PC Myths
“We expose the bad advice that wastes your time and money.”
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