PowerFrameworks for Visual Analogies

For those interested in presentation best practices the issue always arises what is the most effective way to avoid stale bullets and sameness in slides.  Inevitably the issue of creativity and resourcefulness leads to the concept of metaphors and analogies – using images or diagrams.  The problem for non-artists or designers like me is where to get the nuts and bolts building blocks of these types of tools.

Recently a colleague, Gene Zelazny, the author of Say It With Charts! put me together with an entrepreneur who has launched an interesting site in this space.  PowerFrameworks is an online gallery of conceptual metaphors in the form of PowerPoint shapes, professionally designed and ready to download into your presentation.  The site also features concrete examples of how the metaphors can be implemented, and even a best practices section mirroring many of Zelazny’s own principles.

Kathy Villela, the site’s founder, actually worked at the consulting firm where Zelazny has worked for decades before beginning this site.  Her concept, and what I like about the site, is that it is more than a gallery of shapes or clip art; it is also well constructed and searchable and mentally stimulating.


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