Daily Archives: September 1, 2005

PowerPoint Notes Page

There are two people I know that really use the Notes Page in Power Point (myself & Ms. Mary Waldera)….So I wanted to share the benefits of the Notes Page with our group.

When using the Notes Page, minimize the Slide Area to about 1/2 of what the default is, and increase the Notes Area.

In the Notes Master, make your font size either 16 or 18.

When you are typing in your notes, double space the information….it will be easier to read, similar to a teleprompter.

When you are printing out your notes, print them duplex, Top-Bottom. This way when you turn your pages, you can see what is coming up next.

Take your print outs to KINKO’s or hopefully there is another printing or bindery place that you can go to other than them….but if they are the only ones…then….you have no choice.

INSIST on having the Notes bound at the TOP, not the sides….They will question you and, confirm that they are going to have to trim off the plastic binding or cut the coils.

The logic on this is you will not have to turn the pages from Right to left. And your clothing will not have to shift and cover a mic. Your eye contact with your audience will be easier as well with the notes bound at the top.

Also, if you have other information on the podium with you, your notes are taking up as much room, if you had them bound on the side.

Please share any additional Notes usages…I’d love to hear them.