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Calling All Pres Pros – A Roll Call

Hey to All the Pres Pros in the Presentation Worldscape and the ICIA Presentations Council

I just got off the phone with my fellow blogger and Blogmeister Lee Potts.
We were strategizing about how to attract the Pres Pro community to this blog.
We sorta were spinning our tires…and tefloning with zero resistance on black ice at -40 C (can you tell I’m unusually influenced by climatic conditions North of the 49th p.)

Our first set of questions revolved around the obvious – Is there really a Pres Pro community to attract? and Are they really the kind of "animal" that wants to blog about their work,lives and industry ? Both Lee and I have observed some interesting social characteristics of the Pres Pros we’ve met through the ICIA Pres Council.First and foremost they usually are "lone wolves" who usually toil alone in corporate and business environments,yet enjoy "running with the pack" and talking passionately about the tools of the trade.Sounds like a great set of circumstances to herd these "unique cats" and funnel them to a sounding board and pack of like-minded folks.

We also pondered if blogging was a new behavior they could adopt,truly enjoy and display the same intense passion as the infrequent gathering of the "pack" at trade shows.There are already many great PowerPoint,Presentation site and product related blogs out there….Geetesh Bajaj of Indezine (a Council member BTW),Robin Good of Masterviews,Tony Ramos,Cliff Atkinson of Beyond Bullets,Sooper Pointless,Doug Klippert of Unofficial Microsoft Stuff.More than enough variety,choice and material to sink their teeth into.

Maybe that was the problem,all the presentation material and info they needed was already sitting there on a silver platter ready to grab and run.

So what’s missing in their lives that can connect them to this blog and will "engage" them to make the jump to ongoing communication and idea exchanges?

Were their lives so perfect that they just didn’t anything to get them through the pressures and stresses of deadlines,technology snafus and idea blocks?

Do they truly possess a pack instinct?

By this point Lee and I were struggling in our attempt to define the ultimate benefit and "glue" for this blog.
We had already invited several folks we knew had LOTS to say about ANYTHING related to Presentations.They all thought it was a GREAT idea but were slow to jump in…."too busy,what’s a blog,and what’s a blog got to do with me and Presentations anyways…was what we consistently heard".

So…we decided to reach out again and ask all these and other yet undisclosed folks to stick their big toe in the "blog pool" and tell us what they think,need and want.

Sound off !!!!
Blog us.Comment.Post.Be a contributor.Share your thoughts.

Make this post the Roll Call to action and the LONGEST COMMENT THREAD you’ve ever seen.
I want to see tons of feedback here or we’ll "unleash the hounds" and add to your "stress and jitters" in unforeseen ways (…oooooohhh…that even scares me).

Ray ( digital tyrant )